Monday, November 3, 2008

San Diego 2008

Every year since Travis was little his family and several other families have vacationed in San Diego for a week during October. It is a trip we look forward to every year, and we were especially excited to take Hali this year. This is also the first year Travis has got to stay the whole time since before his mission. We had a great time hanging out at the beach, shopping, going to Disneyland, eating great food and spending time with family and friends.
Every year for the past 5 years Travis and I have gone to San Diego together we have taken a picture in this same spot. She did so good on the long drive.
Ruby's on the pier.
Anthony's is a must every year on this trip!
Looking at the birds at the swap meet.
The last few days of the trip Hali got ear infections so we saw this face a lot near the end!
This girl loved the beach! A very different story from the last time she was on a beach.
I cannot tell you how cold this water was, but she didn't mind. She just kept walking further and further into the water.Cousins with a new generation of cousins.
She loved this fountain at the mall.
The only place we could contain her in the condo was in the ottoman
First trip to the beach, it was FREEZING!!
I have no idea how much sand she ate on this trip!
The cold water didn't even phase her, she loved it!
Daddy and Hali enjoying the beach.


Shane and Alissa said...

That looked like a way fun trip and it looked like Hali enjoyed it as much as you did.

*Aliese* said...

Such sad faces! At least you were able to enjoy the majority of the trip. I love the beach pictures and am getting a bit jealous.

Haley said...

She is definately to cute for her own good. But that's ok.

Cami said...

Looks like you guys had fun once again! I remember "the spot" haha back when you guys were dating! that is so cool you've taken a picture there every year! cute pics at the beach Hali is so cute and looked like she loved everyday there! except when she got sick.. not fun.
what a fun trip

Kacey! said...

lucky! I have never seen the ocean, you are so lucky to be able to go every year!