Sunday, June 27, 2010


San Diego Trip

When Presli was just two weeks old we headed down to San Diego for the annual October trip. We had a lot of fun just relaxing, and spending time together. Hali loved playing in the sand on the beach and being around all the other kids. I enjoyed relaxing and bonding with my new baby. Hali got to go ice skating for the first time, and Travis competed in the San Diego Classic triathalon with Logan and his brother Tyler while we were there.

Presli One Month Old

So far... she is a great eater, a great sleeper, she loves her baths, and we just love her!


This year for Halloween Hali was a lady bug and Presli was a little leopard. We went trick or treating at daddy's work (Kolob Care Center) and then went to the ward Trunk or Treat. Hali caught on quick to the trick or treating concept. She loved holding out her little pumpkin to get candy inside and made special requests for suckers quite often.

The best picture we could get of the both of them.

Showing off her cute little tail.

Quick update

I think it is about time to put an update on this blog. However, I know most of you have already given up on me. Thank you all for your advice for the computer. Unfortunately there was not much we could do to save the pictures. We took it to three different people to see what could be saved, however, we had no luck. On top of the computer crashing our hard drive was just overall bad (which contributed to the fact that we couldn't get much back) so we need to get a new one. I can't blog on my computer for two reasons 1-there are no pictures on it,, and 2-because it is so messed up it won't let me log onto blogger. Overall, it could have been much worse and I still have all of the pictures of my girls, but there are a lot of pictures that make me sick to think I have lost. Some of them being my monthly pregnant belly pictures of Hali, and the many trips Travis and I went on before we had kids. So that's that.

Enough about the computer I am now moving on. Because I hate doing things out of order I have decided I am just going to do monthly posts that go back a while just because there are too many important things that happened that I would hate to skip over. So stay tuned I promise there will be something worth looking at here soon...