Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Months old...

Hali's new friend

It's true, Hali is ten months old today (well yesterday, it's midnight!) She is becoming quite the little character! Hali is now saying saying "hi", "hello", "bye, bye", "ma ma", "da da", and sometimes "pop". Last week she started to dance anytime she hears music (it's so cute). Hali is really good at giving kisses (open mouth of course) and is always giving them to mommy. She loves to make noise by singing, squealing, or pounding on anything especially the dryer.

Hali has always loved taking baths, and still does. I think her favorite part about baths is being naked. She just loves not having to wear clothes. Anytime I change her diaper she tries to escape once the diaper is off.

Hali has three teeth now, her two bottoms and her top right fang (I don't know the proper name). The other 'fang' is coming in on the other side, so she is our little vampire. Travis says it is all my fault because I have been reading to many vampire books lately. If it stays this way you can all guess what she will be for Halloween! Over Labor Day she mastered climbing up the stairs. However, we are now working on the proper way to go down them.

EVERYTHING, I repeat EVERYTHING Hali sees goes straight into her mouth. The second she sees me coming after her she zips her lips shut and crawls as fast as she can away from me. I swear my floors are clean, but she still manages to find something to choke or gag on.

The other day when I was at the dollar store Hali saw these kids playing with a rubber snake and she got so excited, so I bought it for her thinking it would keep her entertained while we shopped. It is currently her favorite toy. She carries it around in her mouth all day. It is quite weird how attached she has become to it. Travis HATES snakes so it is pretty funny to see his reaction whenever she is packing it around.

Another new thing Hali loves is to get into my makeup! Are girls really interested in makeup this early? We are in for it! She takes everything out of my bag and puts it first in her mouth and then on the ground. Whenever I am getting ready she gets so excited because she knows she gets to play with the makeup.

This girl is the joy of our lives, and every time I get sad thinking about her growing up I just have to laugh at all the funny things she does and how much more fun she gets the older she is. We sure love our little love bug!
Hali's ladybug costume
I guess she is curling her lips with my eyelash curler!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More House Pictures

I'm sorry for those of you who are bored with all of the house pictures. They are mostly for my mom, who is always asking how the house is coming along! So this is it so far. The changes in appearance are becoming less noticeable outside because they are now doing the inside work like the electrical and plumbing. We have picked out several things for the house (cabinets, faucets, doors, outside rock, roof tiles) which has been exciting and has kind of made it a little more real. We are really excited about it, although we keep saying to each other "don't grown ups have houses?" we don't really feel like we are 'grown up' yet! I had several people ask for details as far as square footage and all of that. It is just under 2100 square feet, single level, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, a laundry room (yes, an actual room) and a very large pantry. Pretty much your basic floor plan, but perfect for us.

New Job

Yesterday Travis started his new job at Kolob Care Center as the new marketing director. He said his first day went really well and he is really looking forward to applying what he knows to this company! He loves working in long term care and is extremely excited to become friends with the residents. Trav really enjoyed learning about the home care and hospice aspect of health care at his last job and is really going to miss working with all of the great people at Rocky Mountain!