Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Look Back In Time...

Yes I realize it has been FOREVER since I last posted something worth reading, but the time has finally come to update the last three and a half months of our lives. So we will pick up where we left off, right after San Diego, and hopefully we will be up to date in a couple of weeks!!

She barely fit in her carseat with her big puffy body, but I guess she was comfortable enough to sleep!
Hali and cousin Crew
Ward 'Trunk or Treat'
She actually really enjoyed being in her costume
Visiting Daddy at work

This holiday is definitely much more fun with a child. It was so fun to dress Hali up in her little skunk costume and take her around to go trick or treating to family and friends.
Hali and I started out the day by going to the elementary school I use to teach at to watch their Halloween parade. It was so fun to see a lot of my old students and teacher friends. Hali loved watching all of the kids in their costumes, and I was amazed at the creativity of some of the costume ideas (I wish I would have taken notes).
Next we headed to visit Travis at work (the care center) to go trick or treating in some of the residents rooms. It was a lot of fun, and they all got a kick out of Hali's costume.
After Travis got off work we went to our ward's trunk or treat where Travis got picked to dance the Thriller (good thing he had been practicing). After that we went around to visit friends and family to show off our 'little stinker'. Because Hali was crawling at the time she looked just like a skunk on the grass, too funny! We had a great night and I'm pretty sure Hali got maybe one piece of candy because her mom and dad ate it all!