Sunday, July 12, 2009

28 Weeks

28 weeks and I haven't felt so good in my whole pregnancy. About two weeks after the hospital I finally felt like myself again. I don't think I realized just how sick I felt until now when I am feeling so good. I am definitely growing, but that is fine by me as long as I can continue feeling this good!

Just the two of us!

Travis and I decided we needed to take a little vacation before this baby comes. So we left Hali with the Hoopes' and we headed down to one of our favorite places, San Diego. We were both a little nervous about leaving Hali for four days, but knew it would be good for us. Ever since I was in the hospital Hali has had a hard time when I leave her. So besides the hospital this was the first time I had spent any nights away from her. We knew that she would be in good hands so we took off. It was such a fun relaxing vacation. We just did whatever we wanted and it was great! We ate good food, went to the Body Worlds exhibit (which was quite facinating), went to the swap meet, saw a good movie, and just relaxed. Sadly these were the only pictures we took, but we had such a fun time just being toegether.

My Girl

Well Lindsey probably doesn't know I can even do this. Yes, I have said I would never blog, but I feel it is necessary to tell Lindsey how awesome she is. She does so much for Hali and I and we apprecitate all she does. The top ten things I love about her are:

1-She rocks at being a mom. Hali absolutely loves her. She takes such great care of Hali, and teaches her songs, and games.
2-She makes the bed every morning. This is something that is so simple, yet I am thankful for it(Yeah I think this wierd, but its true).

3-She is so easy-going. She puts up with my crazy ideas(i.e. business ideas), and sparatic behavior.

4-She had kidney surgery(thats pretty cool), and kidney stones, and didn't complain, she is a pretty tuff gal.
5-She has an awesome singing voice.

6-She has introduced me to Richfield, and all that goes with it such as:(all you richfield people will like this) Punch Bags, Pepper belly's salsa, "Richfield Fourth of July"(which includes, The parade, seems like four hour long fire works, fish grab, deep fried twinkies, and beatle mania, oh yeah and seeing everyone from high school), Hauling hay, a lot of four wheeling, camping at Ferron, camping at fish lake, Richfield bowling alley where you have to keep your own score, the Hide Ride at the rodeo, All her friends have become my friends, El Mexicano, Grandma Barney Easter Egg Hunt, Stories about being a housekeeper at the Comfort Inn, Alligators at Parsons bakery(does it seem like most of these things are about food?!?!?)
7-We went wakeboarding our first time we hung out. She was an awesome wakeboarder, that is when I knew we could get married.

8-She is a hard worker. I never give her enough credit for all she does. I can go to work all day, and be fine, but when I chase Hali around I can last for like twenty minutes. Lindsey I appreciate all you do and hope you know that. You are so tough!!!

9-She is a very caring, genuine person. She always does what is right. She is such a good example to all those around her. She is such a nice person, and everyone likes her.

10-She is a great cook.

11-Okay I am writing a Eleven things, but last but not least.....She is totally beautiful. Her smile is so awesome, and I love her eyes. Even from the first day I met her, she is still so beautiful.

Lindsey thanks for all you do, Hali, Presli and I appreciate everything you do, and We love you.