Wednesday, October 22, 2008

House again...

We have had several family members and friends from out of town ask for more pictures and also details of what is in the house. I went and took these today so enjoy...
The outside rock (sorry not a great pic)
The fan lights throughout the house
This picture is just to show the paint color compared to the white tub.
View of kitchen from the dining area
The granite on the far left is the one we chose (it was our second choice, but we really like it). Our first choice (the far right) we were unable to get until late December.
Master bathroom vanity
Just another view of kitchen and part of the family room
Laundry room
Travertine flooring in bathroom
Master bedroom with lights
What you see when you walk through the front door
The entryway

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

11 Months Old

She loves the remote
Dancing with Daddy
Such a cute girl!
Reading her books
This is what I see every day... her beautiful baby blues (the picture would not turn)

I wasn't able to do this on the actual day because we were in California for over a week, so I have a lot of updating. To begin with...

11 Fun Facts about Hali Joan

1. She now has seven teeth. Four on the bottom and three on the top.

2. Hali's new favorite food is pretzel sticks. She would eat them for every meal if I let her.

3. She refuses to clap. She has never done it on her own, and I am sure it is because we want her to.

4. She shakes her head and says "neh neh neh" (translation: no no no) She is beginning to hear that quite often.

5. Hali loves to dance with her daddy when he comes home from work.

6. She loves to go to the new house, crawl all over the floor and find pieces of sheet rock and paint to eat.

7. Hali has some of the strongest lungs we have ever heard. The girl can scream with the best of them!

8. She loves to push the little grocery cart all over Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes house. That is the closest she has come to walking thus far.

9. Hali's new favorite toy is the toilet paper. She thinks it is just hilarious to unroll the whole roll.

10. Wherever Hali goes her tag blanket and binki must go also.

11. Hali LOVES books! We have one basket full of books, and it is the first one she goes to every time. If she is quiet and I don't know where she is I generally find her looking through her books (or climbing up the stairs). It makes a teacher/mom so proud!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grandpa's Girl!


This is probably my favorite picture of Hali so far in her life. My brother Jeremy took this picture while we were in Richfield and it turned out awesome! As you can see from the picture she sure loves her grandpa. Hali has always loved to hear my dad talk, and whenever we are in Richfield she goes looking for him the second she hears his voice. She definitely is "Grampa's girl" as my dad always says.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New pics of the house

house ready for stucco and rock
Living room and kitchen
Front entry
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
This is what we have been up to. Good times.