Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Piggy Tails

A couple of weeks ago when I was brushing Hali's hair, I realized just how long it was getting in the back so I thought I would try to do piggy tails. She looked so cute and so grown up. I'm not sure Travis liked them so much, but only because they really made her look like a little girl rather than a baby. I just loved how round and cute her face looked with them in. It was a hair style that definitely showcased her dimples!

Officially a...

GIRL!! We were very excited to find out that Hali will be getting a baby sister. Finding this out is somewhat of a relief considering we have everything we need for a little girl, EXCEPT for a name. We had Hali's name picked out two years before I was ever pregnant, so it seemed like when she was born she just came with her name. This baby however is another story, I am already feeling a lot of pressure to come up with a name because I am the type of person who likes to have the name chosen way before the baby is born. We have a list of about 25 names, but nothing is really sticking with us. The top three right now are Presli, Sawyer, and Marli (at least for today). I have started going through all of Hali's baby things. I know it seems early, but Hali had SOOOO many clothes the first year of her life that I need to go through and figure out what I really need for this little girl. Yes the nesting feelings have begun (extremely early!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

We Are Having A...

Last Monday Travis and I went to find out the gender of our baby by a lady here in St. George who does ultrasounds. Travis gave me a gift certificate for my birthday so I could find out before my appointment on May 7th. However, our child is either very modest or very stubborn (I am hoping it is the first) because the baby had its little legs so tight together the whole time. At first the lady said "oh think pink" so we were thinking cool another girl. However, then she would say "Oh never mind it looks like something is between there, I definitely would not count out boy." So then we were a little confused as to what to think. We got pictures that look very girl, and also others that look very boy. So hopefullly we will find out today for sure when we go again. Many are asking what I want and honestly I don't care either way, there are advantages to both. All I really want is a good baby! Anybody who knew Hali as a newborn can understand why I say this. She is so much fun now, but I sure wondered many days if I would make it through. From the ultrasounds we have had this baby seems relatively calm so that is what I am hoping for. However, I still think girl and Trav still says boy. We will find out soon enough, what do you think?
For those who don't know what they are looking at in the pictures. You have to look closely, but in the first picture you are looking between the legs and in the second picture you can see the whole baby except for its legs. It is the cord that is wrapped around its little arm. I know at this stage the baby looks a little alien-like, but it is still just amazing to me that it is only about 5 inches long and is already a little person.