Friday, February 22, 2008


TEN YEARS AGO.... I was 13, enjoying being able to tell people that I was now a 'teenager' and probably acting like one as well!! I was also playing Jr. Jazz basketball at this time.

FIVE PLACES THAT I HAVE VISITED....... Hawaii (Maui and Oahu), Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara), San Diego, Canada (Niagra Falls), I drove from Richfield to New York on a Church History trip in High School, so we stopped at a lot of places on the way there!

1. Work out (I'm with Heidi on losing the baby weight!)
2. Laundry - organize Hali's room
3. Scrapbook Hali's pictures with the digital scrapbooking I got for Christmas
4. Clean out my car
5. Go visiting teaching

I ENJOY..... spending time with Travis and Hali, sleeping in, a clean house, being with family and friends, vacations (more specifically Maui), anything sweet, shopping, going to the lake, decorating

1. Not being able to say no
2. Procrastinating, I always wait until the last minute to do stuff, however, I always get it done. I think I work better under pressure. This leads right into my next bad habit...
3. Being late (I inherited this from the Barney side) but ever since we had Hali it's even worse!

FIVE THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME........ You are all going to think I'm crazy!
1. Ever since I had Hali I CRAVE crushed ice. I really need to be checked for anemia!
2. I love the smell of household cleaners, or better said a clean house!
3. When I go to sleep Travis and my pillow have to be touching - weird I know!
4. On my stomach I have over 12 inches of scarring
5. My favorite shows are John and Kate + Eight (TLC), and Man vs. Wild( Discovery)

FIVE JOBS THAT I HAVE HAD..... My worklife started as a lunch lady in the summer for the free lunch program. I then advanced to a 'housekeeper' at the Comfort Inn in Richfield. I came to college and tended my nephew for a job. I worked at the St. George Rec center, and then I taught first and second grade for almost three years. Finally, the best and hardest job of all is being a stay at home mom! (sorry I guess that was six)

I tag Makenzie, Mary, Prentiss, Talia, Mickell


The Ripley's said...

GO Rec. Center! I must admit I have some pretty good memories from that place. I also got to meet you and Travis. We have had a lot of the same jobs. I totally agree about being mom, it's the BEST!

Prentiss said...

Your tag was so cute...I loved reading new things about you...okay, as soon as put the baby down, I will do mine :)

Prentiss said...

ps...I think your bad habits are exactly the same as mine!!:)

Mickell & Josh said...

Hey thanks Linds! No just kidding... I love to read these i think they are so funny and pretty cute!

love ya Mickell