Monday, May 19, 2008

Swimming for the first time!

This was actually a little while ago (May 10th), but again I can't just not post about it. Hali went swimming with her dad for the first time in her Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes' pool. It was still quite cold (as you can see I'm not in the water) but it didn't even phase her. She just kind of hung out kicking in the water. By far her favorite part was going into the cave. She just loved looking up at the water as is came down from the rocks. This gets me very excited because I have a feeling we will be swimming a lot this summer! In fact we went again today with all of her cousins from the Barney side, and she loved it just as much!


Aliese Fry said...

That's fabulous! So adorable. I think it's such a blessing when kids aren't scared of water.

The Damron's said...

She is so cute, I cant beleive that she is 6 months already. Look like you guys are having lot of fun though

Kare-Hun said...

All these FIRSTS!!!! They are SO exciting! Loralee started crawling 2 weeks ago (6mths). Hali is getting some long locks of hair it looks like also. Loralee is still bald, but a little bit of hair is coming in. That is great that you are running also. I am really enjoying it. It is good to hear from you. Take care.