Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July

We had a very fun and traditional Fourth of July. It just isn't the fourth if you aren't in Richfield with the parade, races, fish grab, fireworks, friends and family. I have always loved this holiday and was very excited to share it with Hali. During the parade she fell asleep, but she loved being at the park. She enjoyed watching the fireworks and loved playing with the glow sticks. As always Hali absolutely loved being around her cousins and family.

Hali was sure concentrating on watching the parade

She is such a cute girl!

Our little family watching the parade

She didn't even make it through the parade before she fell asleep

This girl LOVES the grass

Mom and Hali in the shade at the park

Here we are at the Lions Park watching the fireworks (as you can see Hali was not excited about getting her picture taken)

Hali and I watching the fireworks at my parents on July 5th


Aliese Fry said...

Hali has such a cute smile! The dimples definitely add to it.

Staci said...

she looks way cute all decked out in the 4th of july clothes

Cami and James said...

oh the small town celebrations!! I love you new haircut, it looks great on you! Hali is so cute and looks like you guys had fun! maybe I'll see ya soon, as I'm heading back to utah this week! have fun

Sita, Shalie, Ella said...

She is such a good mix of you two! I think I am going to Richfield next year for the 4th, it looks like too much fun!

Nancy said...

All I have to say that my favorite pics of Hali are when she is smiling from ear to ear showing off her CUTE dimples!