Friday, August 15, 2008

A fun little weekend vacation

Last weekend we made a quick decision to take a weekend vacation to LA. Travis' parents, sister, aunt, three cousins, Hali and I took off on Thursday evening. Friday we went to Hunnington beach for a few hours in the morning, went to dinner, and then the girls headed to Wicked while Dan and Travis watched the babies (Crew and Hali). Hali did not enjoy the beach at all. She didn't like that the water kept moving, and she hated even touching the sand. I think most of us got quite sunburned, and as you can tell from the pictures my face got absolutely fried! Wicked was awesome, I loved it! It was a lot funnier than I had expected, and of course the singers had awesome voices. I felt bad that Travis didn't get to go because I knew he would have enjoyed it, but I guess that just gives us a good reason to go again.

On Saturday we went to the swap meet which is always fun. We each found little cheap treasures. After the swap meet we headed to the mall to do some more shopping. Shellee really wanted to ride a roller coaster, so after the mall we headed to Knott's Berry Farms. Travis and Shellee rode a lot of the big roller coasters while we watched and waited (I am not a roller coaster girl). It was actually relaxing just watching everybody and eating my cotton candy. Hali got to ride her first ride. She rode the coal mine ride and her eyes were huge through the whole thing, it was pretty funny. Sunday we headed home. It was so nice to just get away from the everyday things, and especially to have Travis with us all day everyday. Good times!

Sorry there are a ton of pictures...
Getting introduced to the water

She sat like this on Shellee and I forever, I guess it is as far from the ocean that she could get

This was her reaction to the sand

Our world revolves around this girl!
Giving kisses

The guys tending the babies or Baby Einstein?
Silly Girl
Hali's first ride (yeah I'm fried)

She loved the duck

All ready for church
Just hanging out watching people
The crazy roller coaster Travis and Shellee rode
Looking for Daddy and aunt Shellee with Grandpa Hoopes
Exhausted from a long day!


Anjalique said...

Aw! That last picture's a keeper!!!

A and L Stapley said...

How fun!! Weekend trips like that are always nice... Hali is sooo adorable, what a cute family you three make!

Lisha said...

Wish we could've gone with you!:(

Lisha said...

Wish we could've gone with you!:(

Megan said...

How fun to get away. I always feel recharged and ready for motherhood again when I get a small break. As for your not so exciting news, hello that is soooo exciting! Congrats, I am so jealous. I only dream for hours on end of what it would be like to build a house. I even have my house plans drawn up just in case. So, give us some more info. How many bdrms/baths,etc. Hali is so dang cute. I love it when they can give kisses.

Karen Kunzler said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip. Too bad Hali didn't like the water or the sand. It is interesting the things you think they will like they absolutely hat. Oh by the way we are having #3 at the end of March! Also, congrats on building a house...VERY EXCITING!!!!!

wilsmex said...

Andrew says Travis is a big baby! Looks like a super duper fun vacation :)