Monday, November 3, 2008


The classic family Disneyland picture
We were trying so hard to get Hali to smile for this picture and she just wouldn't do it, but the second she saw other people looking and pointing at her she just started hamming it up. I tell you what, this girl LOVES attention!
Exhausted after a long day!
She was just so tired she wouldn't even lift her head up to look at the camera!
Mommy and Hali riding Dumbo. She was sure sad when we had to give back the feather.
She loved looking out the window on the Finding Nemo ride. I thought she might freak out a little on the submarine, but she absolutely loved it!
Family picture with Winnie the Pooh
Hali loved these honey pots, she cried when we took her off of them.
The Buzz Lightyear ride (she's not sure what to think).
In line for the Pirates of the Carribean ride.

While we were in San Diego for the week we decided to take Hali to Disneyland for the first time. She wasn't feeling the best from her ear infections, but considering that she did great. Her favorite ride was the Finding Nemo ride, but she wasn't to sure about Pirates of the Carribean. It was great day to go because it wasn't really busy. The longest we waited in line was 30 minutes (for Nemo) but the average wait was about 15 minutes. We had a great time, we just love Disneyland!


MoJo said...

How fun! I can't believe Hali is walking now!! That's great! I LOVE the picture of you and her on the beach. That looks like one she'll always want in her room.

justinandash said...

Disneyland is so fun! Your pictures look great; you guys are such a cute little family!

Lisha said...

This is the third blog I've read about Disneyland today. Looks like you all had a great time! Hopefully we can join you next time! Although I don't think Tyler will ever love Disneyland as much as Travis!:)

Tara Wayne Malakai Maddux Kenya Alofipo said...

hey there! I came across your blog and wanted to say Hi! looks like you had a blast at disneyland. i love little Hali's cute

Ryan and Shelia said...

Thanks for letting us walk through your house today! It is great. Let me know when we can take Hali next week when you are moving stuff.

Kacey! said...

Looks like you guys had quite the fun trip!! You haven't changed a bit since high school! You still look the same! I was just posting to tell you that I changed my blog address to too-many-boys.blogspot
Also I am going to go private soon if you would like to look still will you please leave me an e-mail on a comment thanks a bunch

Kacey! said...

Yes you do look more mature!!! Just not old.....I didn't mean to offend you! :)! I mean you just still look so good! Becoming a mom is could take a toll on our beautiful I meant it as a compliment!

Kacey! said...

well, thankyou so much for saying that I look good....I am working on it, my body is coming back slowly.....very slowly!!

Hooper's said...

It looks like you had fun! Hali has the cutes dimples. She has grown up so fast.