Wednesday, September 16, 2009

22 Months Old

*She is really into ‘owies’ and trying to find the ‘owies’ she doesn’t have. She will also find owies on us just so she can kiss it and say “all better”
*This girl can hide like nobody’s business. We have had many scares at the Hoopes’ house when she all of a sudden disappears (it is a little more nerve racking there because of the pool). Every time it takes at least 6 adults 10 minutes to find her. When you do find her, she is just as still and as quiet as can be with a big grin on her face just listening to everybody panic calling her name. She thinks it is hilarious. One of her favorite places to hide in anybody’s house is in the closet she scoots back behind the clothes hanging (yeah she is good!)
*Loves to pretend to be a cat. She crawls on her hands and knees and won’t talk, but meows and squeaks like a little kitty. She will also come up to your leg and lick you. We have no idea where she picked up on this, because we don’t have a cat nor does anybody we know, but it sure is funny.
*Love books, and will sit in her room pulling every book off the shelf looking through all the pages for a very long time.
*Loves any animal especially cats, dogs, and birds. We go to the pet store weekly just to see the animals. She squeals with excitement as she runs around looking at each animal.
*Has never really liked movies, but has always loved the baby Einstein videos. Her favorite is the ‘Baby Noah’ which she calls “animals.” However, the last time we drove to Richfield I put in Bugs Life (because we were so tired of listening to the Baby Einstein music) and she has loved it ever since. Now she will actually ask to watch “Bugs.”
*Isn’t really into TV shows with the exception of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves Mickey and sings all of the songs when she watches. However, just lately she has started getting into Dora, or as she calls it “Dooda” (I’m not really sure how she knows about it, but she sure picked up on it fast)
*Loves to color right now! For so long I have tried to get her to color but she was never really interested until now. Now she will say “please mommy” when she finds paper, very cute.
*Hali has been able to sing her ABC’s with very good accuracy since she was 18 months. I was quite impressed! I would love to take the credit, however, it was actually Leap Frog that taught her. We have the magnet Leap Frog ABCs that go on the fridge that she loves to play with and sing the ABCs with.
*At 20 months she started counting to 10 without repeating or missing any numbers. She loves to count anything and everything.
*LOVES to sing. Anybody who knows Travis knows he is always singing a song, and it has definitely rubbed off on her. She has her favorites like “Bubble” and “Wheels on the Bus” and “Old MacDonald” that she will request us to sing with her.
*Loves to push the shopping cart whenever we go to a store, especially at Costco.
*Still LOVES her blankie and binki, but not for too much longer. We will be getting rid of the binki when the baby is a couple of months old (I’m really not looking forward to those days, any advice?)
*She has begun the temper tantrums; oh my, I think we may be in for it. She can be sweet as can be, and with the flip of a switch she is another child. We are still experimenting on the proper way to deal with the tantrums. She is getting better at standing in the Naughty Corner by her self now.
*Whenever she is asked where something or someone is her response is always the same “he’s hiding”
*She is terrified of nail clippers. Not only will she not let me clip her fingernails and toenails, but she cries when she watches us do it to ourselves. Whenever she sees a pair of them she will cry and call it an “owie.”
*She covers her mouth so cute when she coughs, and when she giggles – it’s adorable.
*LOVES the water, and would hang out in the bathtub or in Grandma & Grandpa’s pool all day if we let her. She has become quite the little swimmer this summer. The only scary thing is that she thinks she can swim even without her floaties and won’t hesitate to jump in without them. She has no fear when it comes to water (but I sure do!)
*Is finally a great sleeper she goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 9:30 (sometimes 10:00) then has a 2 ½ hour nap in the afternoon.
*Knows all of the places in town where she can get a free balloon (Harmons, Roberts, Red Robin) and points them out every time we drive by.
*Loves to get “pop” (popcorn) whenever we go to Target and again mentions it every time we drive by.
*Travis always honks as he comes home while Hali and I wait out on the porch. She gets so excited whenever she hears him and waves and claps her hands like crazy (the cutest thing ever!) She sure loves her daddy.

Animal sounds
Cat, dog, horse, cow, donkey, rooster, chicken, monkey, snake, bird, lizard (sticks out tongue), fish (makes fish face), skunk (plugs her nose and says ‘pee-you’), whale, dolphin, frog, lion, tiger…..and the list keeps growing

Nicknames: ‘Bug’ (by everybody), Hals (Aunt Shellee), Hal-er (Grandpa Hoopes), Halster (Dadddy)
Favorite Book: Go Dog Go, Hand Hand, Fingers, Thumb
Favorite Song: Old MacDonald
Favorite phrases: “Oh man,” “Where’d it go? I no know. He’s hiding,” “Lookin (while she gasps and points)” meaning ‘look’, "Thanks mom/dad," "Wanna watch animals?", "Yes," "No thanks"

We sure love you little girl and can't imagine our lives without you!


*Liese said...

This list is adorable! Is there a reason she's afraid of fingernail clippers? How sad for her! And pretty sure the fact that she loves to hide would scare the crap out of me too.

Alisha Shaw said...

So Fun! I can't believe she's almost 2!! WOW time flies!

Lisha said...

That was fun! She is such fun little girl to be around. Wish we could see her more! (And you guys!)

Karen Kunzler said...

Sounds like she is quit the cutie. As far as the binkie I had to deal with this with Shannon and she was completely attached to it. Most of her first 18 months pictures either have the binkie in her mouth or at least attached to her. It took about 3 days, but I realized I relied more on it then she did and she quickly forgot about it. You just have to be committed to it and stick to it and not back down. Good luck with the delivery and adjusting to having two. It is quit and adjustment, but just remember that it is your NEW normal and just embrace it and not fight and you will all adjust a lot more quickly and be happier.