Friday, October 23, 2009

One Month Old

The face I get when she is starving

Loving the steam from the shower
Nice and clean after her bath
Hali holding her baby sister "Sesli" (the only time she has held her at home)
Listening to Daddy's advice
Grandma and her girls
The famous 'Presli pucker'
Her hands are always by her face
Again with the pucker
Happy with a full tummy
Mama's sweet girl
She really likes her swing

Our sweet Presli is one month old today, and I am already sad she is growing up so fast. Here are some fun things we have learned about our new addition this past month.

-She loves her head rubbed (and we sure love rubbing that fuzzy little head).
-Her right tear duct is clogged on her eye (just like Hali's was). I am always cleaning it so it looks pretty sore. When she wakes up in the mornings it is always stuck, I hate it!
-She LOVES to be held, and loves her back patted.
-She has an awesome mullet with just a little on top, and a good amount in the back. Her hair is darker (more black) than Hali's was, but like her sister's is extremely curly.
-She doesn't really like to be swaddled and always wants her hands right by her face.
-She nurses like a champ and eats every three hours or sooner.
-Her lips are always puckered.
-She will be completely asleep and just out of nowhere will just cry as loud as she can and will be asleep one second later.
-She likes her binki, but will not take it when she is really hungry.
-She looks more like her mom as a baby where Hali has always looked more like her dad. She is a Barney baby.
-She does like the swing and has taken some very long naps in it (like four hour naps).
-She loves to sleep in our bed. Anybody who knows me knows that it is my rule that our kids don't sleep in our bed, but while she is so young I am allowing it for the last stretch of the night (5am-8am). Let's face it at that point I am just too tired to care!
-In her short life she has already traveled about 25 hours in the car and did great.
-She is always sticking out her little tongue and smacking her lips.

We just love this little girl so much! She is such a good baby, and we feel very blessed and lucky to have her in our family.


The Sutherland Family said...

How fun! I can't wait to see more pictures of her, you'll have to post some SOON!

Lisha said...

I kept checking so I could see her cute pictures. She is so adorable and I loved getting to hold her in San Diego. She's a sweetie! Glad you are doing good. :)

Brittney and Scott said...

Oh what a cutie...glad everthing is going good. i need to come and see her!

Andy and Micah said...

She is such a cutie guys!

MoJo said...

She is just darling. What a cutie. So glad everyone is doing so well. I love the two pictures of you with Presli and Travis with Presli.

Bromleys said...

She is georgeous! I love that pucker. I bet you are one busy Mama. It gets easier in a month by the way.

Ryan and Shelia said...

She is so cute! About the stroller, It is a Combi and I love it! We just got it when we had Grant, but I use it all the time. You are welcome to come check it out.

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