Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Kids sure do make holidays much more fun! This year for Halloween Hali was a ladybug and Presli was a little leopard. Because Halloween was kind of celebrated throughout two days we got to fit in a lot of fun activities. Friday I took the girls to Panorama Elementary (where I use to teach) to go watch the kids in their Halloween parade. It is fun to go back to see how grown up my old students have gotten, and to see many good friends I made while teaching. It is weird that in a couple more years my old students won't even be going to that school anymore - crazy how fast time goes by.

After the parade we headed to daddy's work to trick or treat to the residents in the care center. Because of the swine flu they aren't allowing anybody under 14 in the facility, so instead many of the residents lined up their wheel chairs outside and handed out candy. Hali wasn't understanding the 'trick or treat' concept, but knew she wanted a sucker (because I told her on the way over that she could get a sucker in her pumpkin bucket if she said "trick or treat"). So instead of saying "trick or treat" she would say "sucker". All of the residents dug through their candy to find their suckers to give to her. She was very successful in getting many suckers, and was thrilled to carry around her pumpkin bucket full of treats the rest of the day.

Saturday was a pretty relaxed day. My mom came down to see her grandkids all dressed up and suprised them with fun treats and toys. Hali was very excited to have Grandma stay with us. Halloween night Hali got to jump with her cousins in the bounce house that was at Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes house for their ward party. Before and after the party she was thrilled to have the whole thing to herself. She also got lots of candy at the trunk or treat. It was so much fun to see how excited she would get everytime she would get candy put into her bucket.

I was waiting to post this until I had my pictures working, but it may be a while so at least you can read about it for now, and see the pictures later.