Friday, February 19, 2010

St. George Parade of Homes

This has to be my favorite room of the house. One day my girls will have a room that looks something like this one.

I would love to do laundry in this beautiful room

This is the room that can either be opened or closed off by the barn door, such a cool idea!

Beautiful master

I want that bathtub!

I wish I could say this is my house, but it's not. It is however, two lots away from my house, and the house my father in-law 'Hoopes Construction' built for the 2010 St. George Parade of Homes. This is his first time ever doing a Parade house and I think he started out with a bang! As you can see it is BEAUTIFUL. The pictures speak for themselves, if you love the French country style then you will appreciate this house. There were a lot of very talented people who worked together to make this house happen. Shawn Patten was the architect who came up with the clever barn door idea, Dan Hoopes the builder made it all happen, and Herritage Home and Garden were the decorators who added the beautiful details. These are only a few of the pictures taken from this house so to see more go to Oh and if you are looking to build a house, get a lot by us we would love to have you as neighbors, and Cottam Fields is a great location, we love it!


Cami said...

LOVE this house!! i want to be your neighbor. okay in my dreams but i so love this house.
funny... i just saw a website that featured this house (something thrify... i think) that is awesome that travis' dad built it. I also know Shawn Patten (well know of him though friends and stuff) small world. beautiful. that is all i have to say!

Alberto, Sara, Allie, and AJ said...

This was my favorite house!! It was so fresh and open and beautiful. I really wanted Alberto to see it, but we weren't able to get back. Maybe one day you and Travis could let us take another peek?? I am constantly thinking of what we'll do in our next house and so much of what is in this one is what I want!! I just can't stop thinking about it! Your father-in-law is awesome!!

* Nancy * said...

This was our first visit, we had to come and check it out...we absolutely fell in love with it! Your father-in-law did a spectacular job. :)

Josh and Ashley said...

So Lindsey Yes we did see this house and it is BEAUTIFUL! I loved the outside and the inside. I loved how it was so bright and light colors inside. A lot of the homes were darker colors so it was a nice change. I think I might have seen your house but I'm not sure. Your father-in-law did a great job.

Phillips Fam said...

so Linds, I loved this house and it was so good to see you. We really need to get together sometime. I think about it all the time, but then something always comes up. One of these days!!!!! When it starts getting warmer, well getting warmer again, i will call i promise!

Tasha said...

Lindsey, I am so glad that you posted pictures of the parade home. It is amazing! I was so sad to miss this years parade of homes. I would love to invite you to my blog, send me an e-mail

Tasha Bradshaw (Angie's sister)

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Lucia said...

Te doy mis felicitaciones por este blog es muy original, las fotos que cuelgas tambien
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