Sunday, March 16, 2008

Four Months Old!

Wow these months sure are flying by, and our baby Hali is growing up so big. It's such a bitter sweet feeling for us because we want her to stay little. However, she is getting to be so much fun with every day that passes. Hali rolled from her belly to her back on March 13th. She also learned a new trick today! She has learned to pucker up with her beautiful lips! However, the only boy who gets her kisses is her Daddy! We are still hit and miss with her sleeping through the night, but hopefully she'll get the hang of it soon! We take her to the doctor tomorrow to find out exactly how big she is, but we can tell she is definitely growing. She is such a happy and content little girl. On the other hand I can tell she will be a little tease just like her dad. We sure love this girl!


Lisha said...

What a doll! Did LeAnne tell you guys we are coming to SG this weekend for Easter? I am really excited to see little Hali! It feels like forever since we've seen her (and you and Travis). She is growing up fast! I just want to squeeze her she is so cute!

Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

4 months old and she is rolling...Ava is 8 and still isn't. We work on it all the time but she is just content to be on her back. Hali is so sweet. Did you take her on a cruise? I recognize the towel animals. How was it taking her? Josh and I are needing a vacation so bad but I just can't leave Ava.