Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Major Milestones for Hali

Hali hit two very exciting milestones (not your typical baby milestones) the same week she turned five months, at least exciting for us.
1. Her clogged tear duct in her right eye finally cleared up. Hurray! She has had this problem since she was born and everybody told me that it usually goes away in the first three months. Well for Hali it was five months. The poor girl always had her parents picking at her eye to clean it up. She constantly had tears running from it. I look at all of her past pictures and in most of them her eye is red (probably because we wanted to clean it up for the pictures we were taking). I love to wake up and see both of her eyes instead of one open and the other glued shut. Here are some before and after pictures. The before picture doesn't give just how bad it was justice! (You have to enlarge the picture to even see it.) Like I said I tried to clean it up before pictures, so this is about half of what it was usually. Everybody who sees her now says "did her eye clear up?"


2. She finally decided to take another binkie! This is very exciting for several reasons. For one, she loves her binkie so much that it is in almost every picture and I was so tired of not seeing half of her face because it was being covered by the huge green circle! Not to mention when those green binkies fall out they bounce clear across the room because you can't put them on binkie clips. The day she turned five months I decided to revisit my assorted collection of cute pink and purple binkies. I put each one in her mouth and she spit most of them out, but this is the one that stuck! Perfect, I was so excited! I think she even likes this one better than the big green monster binkie!



Rach said...

Hooray for both, but I especially feel for you with the tear duct! Yay! Jace's didn't clear up by a year and he had to have surgery - anesthesia and all. I'm excited you're no longer on that road!

MoJo said...

It's nice to see how you guys are all doing. I'm soooo jealous of your Dyson :) I need one in my gross apartment. And hurray for Hali and her cereal. We started Carly on solids also. She just had peas this weekend and loves that too. :)

Kare-Hun said...

I am glad that Hali's eye healed. Shannon was part of the 10% that doesn't heal within the first year and she ended up having eye surgery at 13 months. Hali is such a cutie!

The Hyde's said...

Wow Lindsey, what a cute family you have and such an adorable little girl! Guess she got your curly hair then huh? Hope you guys are doing well. (This is Candis Barney hyde by the way)