Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Five Months Old and Tagged!

Yes it's true Hali is already five months old today! She is just growing up way to fast for us. She was tagged by her little friend Kate so I thought today would be a great day to do it.


1. Her binki – she has loved this thing since the day she was born. It calms her down puts her to sleep and gives her a toy to play with. I’m not really looking forward to the day I have to take it away from her!
2. Her baths – she is such a water baby that even if she is screaming at the top of her lungs all we have to do it put her in the bathtub to calm her right down.
3. Her swing – I just don’t know what I would do without this thing. She just loves it and still takes most of her naps in it.
4. Her blanket – this girl has more blankets than any baby should have, but she definitely has a favorite. She loves her pink and brown striped and polka dot blanket. It is so soft she just loves to rub her face on it. I have to constantly wash it because it is always with us getting spit up on and whatever else; so my mom decided to make her another one so she would always have one while the other is in the wash! Thanks Grandma!!
5. Sucking on her hands – I swear half of my pictures her hands are in her mouth. She just loves them, and she is now starting to suck only on her thumb. I’m not really sure how I feel about that one.
6. “Superman” with dad – this has been something Travis has done with her ever since she was very little. At first it made me nervous seeing my little baby flying through the air on one hand, but now I just love seeing the two of them smile when they do it (of course with the song Travis sings too).
7. To eat – this girl is on a three hour eating schedule and she’ll remind you if you forget. She can be such a bear when she is hungry, but once she has a full belly she is as happy as can be!
8. Baby Einstein – she has just started to like these movies. I get to pick up my bedroom and do laundry while she sits on my bed and watches it.
9. Daddy – He is a lot more fun than me and definitely has a way with making her laugh, whenever she sees him she just lights up!
10. Mommy – I saved myself for last because as the saying goes ‘last the best of all the game’ right?! I have to be one of her favorites because I'm with her the most! Whenever she is upset and nobody else can calm her down, usually I just have to hold her and rock her to calm her down. It sure is nice to be wanted and loved that much!
Hali has brought so much joy to our lives and we love her so much!! We just love our little ‘bug’!

If you have a child (or more) you are tagged! Do it, it's a lot of fun!


Kare-Hun said...

What a cutie!!! I agree they grow up TOO quickly!!!! I love being a mom for the fact that we are MOM we can do anything and everything and our kids love us for all of it (and it is nice to know they care by being so simply pleased by just being held by us).

MoJo said...

This is cute. I think I will do it. It's nice to hear about Hali's personality. What a cute cute little girl. She is definately looking more and more like you. I really like the bath time picture, what a personality.

Shroutys said...

She is so cute! Isn't Baby Einstein great? Ian's 1 1/2 and still loves them! You two are doing great. Hali is lucky to have you.

Lisha said...

The tag about Hali was really cute! Seriously could she be any cuter in any of those pictures!! I love her small little ponytail and all her adorable little clothes. It was fun to catch up on all that's been going on. I'm excited you guys are coming here next weekend! Yippee!:)

Leslie Butler said...

She is such a sweetheart. It so fun to see how their little personalities come out so soon. They definitely know what they like and what they don't at a very young age!

Staci said...

This is such a cute tag I love it I can't believe Hali is 5 months wow time flies!

Weston & Jennie said...

The pony tail is super cute. It is fun when they get to this point. Well, if they let you do their hair. :) This was a cute tag. I can't believe how big she is getting. It was fun seeing you this weekend.