Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lot of updates as usual...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun weekend in Richfield

Last Wednesday through Saturday Hali and I hung out at my parent's house in Richfield while Travis went with his dad and brothers camping and fishing in Wyoming. We had a lot of fun, and Hali had a lot of firsts. She rode on the four-wheeler for the first time with Grandpa and seemed to enjoy it. She also got to swing for the first time in Grandma's swing which you can see she had fun. She had ice cream for the first time on her half birthday with her Grandma (at least the first I know about) and absolutely loved it! Hali loved rolling all over the carpet, and was making some pretty funny faces and you can see from the picture. We got to see a lot of family, shop a little, look at houses and relax a lot. It was a great weekend. Thanks mom and dad for letting us stay with you. Hali loved spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa Barney!!

Six Months on the 16th!

Every month I do one of these it makes me very sad to see my baby growing up! It is a good thing they just get more fun the older they get. Still I can't believe she is already six months. At this point in her life she still loves her toes, sucking on anything, Baby Einstein, Mommy, Daddy, stroller rides, bath time, being outside, being tossed up in the air, peek-a-boo, and singing. Her favorite songs at this time are 'If You're Happy and You Know It', 'Apples and Bananas' (yes the vowel song), and 'When Daddy Comes Home'. She is now rolling all over the place and sitting up like such a big girl. She really hadn't shown a lot of progress in sitting up, and then yesterday (May 18th) she did it all by herself for about twenty minutes. Since yesterday she has just been getting better! We are so proud of our little Hali 'bug' and we can't imagine our life without her! Happy Six Month's Hal! To celebrate her special day I let her eat ice cream for the first time with Grandma Barney!

Swimming for the first time!

This was actually a little while ago (May 10th), but again I can't just not post about it. Hali went swimming with her dad for the first time in her Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes' pool. It was still quite cold (as you can see I'm not in the water) but it didn't even phase her. She just kind of hung out kicking in the water. By far her favorite part was going into the cave. She just loved looking up at the water as is came down from the rocks. This gets me very excited because I have a feeling we will be swimming a lot this summer! In fact we went again today with all of her cousins from the Barney side, and she loved it just as much!

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I am way behind, but considering I print these posts off and put them in a journal I can't forget this special holiday. I feel so blessed to finally have this opportunity to be a mother; it is such an amazing feeling. After having several mother's days go by with wanting nothing more than to have a baby, it really makes me appreciate this special day even more! Being a mother also opens your eyes to just how much your own mother loves you, and it makes me really appreciate my mom. She has done and still does so much for me and I love her very much! I have also been blessed with a wonderful mother in-law who treats me as if I were her own. Not to mention my awesome Grand Mothers, who are the most supportive Grandmas I know! I am a very lucky girl to have wonderful 'mothers' in my life and to have the chance to work on becoming a wonderful mother myself! Happy belated Mother's day to all! In my defense everyday is mother's day because it is a job that never ends once it starts, unlike birthdays or other holidays!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

From her back to her belly!

When Hali was about 4 months she rolled from her belly to her back, but couldn't roll the other way around. As of Saturday May 2nd she has learned how to roll from her back to her belly. However, sometimes she forgets how to get back to laying on her back, so she gets really mad. She isn't really rolling all over the place yet. She is pretty content to stay wherever we put her, at least for now right?!
Starting position...

Ta-Da - Good Job Hal!

Class of 2008 - COLLEGE GRADUATE

I am a little late at posting Travis' graduation, but I just wanted to share some pictures from the big event. He graduated with his bachelors from Dixie's Business program. I am very grateful to Travis for working so hard. It hasn’t been easy for him to balance both full time school and work, adjusting to sleepless nights with a new baby, and being the YM president, but he has done a great job! He just applied to SUU's MBA program starting in the fall, so we are hoping he gets accepted. On top of school and work he has been working on getting his Administrators license, so this summer he will be taking (and passing) all of his tests. School is not one of Travis' favorite things to do, so I'm proud of him for working so hard even though I know he would much rather be at the lake! Congratulations Trav!
Walking through the 'D'
Hali was such a good girl during the graduation ceremony!

The clan of graduates!
Now that is what a college graduate looks like!
Hali is so proud of her daddy!
She sure loved that tassel
Hali with Grandma and Grandpa Barney - thanks for coming, it meant a lot!
Travis and Clint's proud parents!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This was us four years ago today!

Remember this day? You better! Happy Anniversary babe!! We have made so many great memories in these short four years, and everyday I find more reasons why I love you! Of course the top one being finally welcoming our little Hali into our family - getting her here was our biggest trial, but she is our greatest accomplishment thus far! You are the best daddy, and nobody can make Hali smile the way you do! I have enjoyed sharing your love of travel, and we have been on some great vacations including Hawaii several times, San Diego each year, our first cruise, and all of our road trips to Richfield. Even though I know all of your jokes, I still think you are hilarious and have the quickest wit of anyone I know!! Whether we are tarring walls, cleaning, or just hanging out at home it is always a blast because you have a way of making any situation fun! I am so proud of you for everything you do and have done to make our lives better. You have worked so hard in school and in work for our family, and we are very grateful for it! In my opinion we have had the best four years ever, and I look forward to many great years to come.
HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY, I love you Trav!