Wednesday, October 22, 2008

House again...

We have had several family members and friends from out of town ask for more pictures and also details of what is in the house. I went and took these today so enjoy...
The outside rock (sorry not a great pic)
The fan lights throughout the house
This picture is just to show the paint color compared to the white tub.
View of kitchen from the dining area
The granite on the far left is the one we chose (it was our second choice, but we really like it). Our first choice (the far right) we were unable to get until late December.
Master bathroom vanity
Just another view of kitchen and part of the family room
Laundry room
Travertine flooring in bathroom
Master bedroom with lights
What you see when you walk through the front door
The entryway


Dustin & Angie Drake said...

How exciting that it's getting so close. When is the expected time that you guys can move in?

MoJo said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL! I bet is so nice to finally be getting into a house (and having it custom made!). We know, we're still apartment hopping. :)

Anonymous said...

It is coming along so nicely! I love the stuff you guys have picked out. I bet your soo excited. Keep the pic's coming, they're fun.

Shane and Alissa said...

Wow! I love your house, it is gorgeous. I bet you are so excited. You guys deserve it.

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

Love your house! How exciting!