Sunday, October 5, 2008

New pics of the house

house ready for stucco and rock
Living room and kitchen
Front entry
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
This is what we have been up to. Good times.


Alberto, Sara, Allie, and AJ said...

Looks like your house is going to be beautiful. Hali is so cute! Can you believe she will be a year old pretty soon!

Lisha said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on your house. It is going to be awesome!

Staci said...

wow thats coming along great it looks really nice

The Allen Family said...

Wow, your house is really moving along! It looks like its going to be really nice. It will be done before you know it.

Josh and Ashley said...

Linz! You're house looks like it's going to be beautiful. I bet you're SO excited! Oh and did you wanna go in on Jennie's gift with all of us?

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

You must be so excited! It looks great so far. Can't wait to see it with paint and flooring!

shane cox said...

Your house is looking great! Hali is such an adorable girl, and I am amazed by her vocabulary already!