Friday, March 13, 2009

Things To Remember

Because I am not great at writing things down, I wanted to remember these special events in Hali's life.
*Just before her first birthday on November 10th she got her first haircut from our cousin Riley. Her hair wasn't terrible, but we just had her trim off all of the long baby hairs she had.
*On November 18th, just two days after her first birthday Hali decided she was big enough to start walking on her own. Ever since then she has been very busy on her feet.
*Some of my favorite words Hali was saying at her first birthday were thank you, please, clean up, mama, dada and uh oh.
*For whatever reason Hali was just not interested in clapping for the longest time. However, when she was about a year she finally figured it out, and now claps at everything.
*Not so much a fun fact, but Hali has had three ear infections in her first year of life, but other than that has been a pretty healthy girl.
*At the year mark she had mouth full of teeth, including four on top and four on bottom.
*Hali's favorite food was mandarin oranges, and she would sometimes eat three little cups in one day.
*Hali had the cutest funny face she would always do to everybody (the picture above)


The Brindley's said...

Hali is absolutely beautiful Lindsey. I love her different smiles. Hope she stays clear of the ear infections.

*Liese said...

Her funny face is awesome! I love when kids have little trademarks like that.

Spencers said...

She's so blasted cute!!!

MoJo said...

Hali is just darling and I love the pictures. Good job on the cake! That is adorable.