Monday, March 16, 2009

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Our first clue

This year for Valentines' Day Travis set up a scavenger hunt for Hali and I (something his family does every year). We had different clues on heart-shaped red paper the led us to a new place with a surprise or treat. Hali got some new princess sippy cups, socks, a puppy book, and finally her new red wagon (which she loves). I got new socks, some candy, and my favorite a gift certificate for a one hour massage. I am very grateful that both Hali and I have such a wonderful man in our lives, who takes such good care of us. We love you Travis!


Spencers said...

Oh Trav... What a sweet guy!

Brant & Kristin Humphries said...

You have such a cute blog! I hope you don't mind I checked it out, I found the link to it on Aliese's blog... :) If you want to check mine out, please do! brantkristinhumphries.blogspot