Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It is a good thing is doesn't snow more here. As you can see Trav had a hard time getting up our steep driveway because it was so slick.
Trying to catch the snowflakes - she loved watching it fall.
Checking out the snow in the backyard before she had to go to bed.

Talking on the phone and making a snowman!
Here is Hali trying to figure out what her dad is doing out there.
Final product!

Yes I am still finishing up November, but I am making some progress (three more posts to go and I will be up to date). Back in November, St. George got the best snow storm I have ever seen since living here for over six years. Although I love living in St. George, I do miss the snow during the winter, so it was a lot of fun to finally get some. Travis was even more excited about the snow than I was. Before going to work he made Hali a cute little snowman. She wasn't so sure about it up close, but loved watching her daddy make it for her through the window.


Nancy said...

Way to go in getting Hali out in the snow!!! She is so sweet and we miss seeing her smile and blue, blue eyes!

*Liese said...

Oh, I loved the snow too! It was so pretty.